Lead System Network Business Review Part 2 of 3

The Lead System Network PreLaunch is approaching and I hope this business review will help educate many who are seeking answers to their questions.

As of writing this review about the Lead System Network they are not yet even in PreLaunch. The LSN corporate website has a countdown timer that say 3 days left until Pre-Launch and there are over 10,000 pre-enrollees looking at the opportunity to market these products. This system will help you produce leads for any program or product that you promote online. The reason you can generate a lead with this amazing marketing system is the products are applicable to building any business. The lead you generate could have another business they are working and showing them a lead generating system will actually help their current business. Here is an image I made to share on facebook about the prelaunch of LSN.

The first step for anyone looking at being a Lead System Network Leader is to lock in a spot in the company powerline. When you pre-enroll you are not officially a customer and you have no access to the amazing products. You are simply learning about how the Lead System Network works and at the same time getting a great position should you decide to be a reseller of the basic product package. Lets review what is included in the basic and pro product package and then talk a little bit about the commissions that are attached to marketing these product packages. My favorite part of this business review is the youtube video I posed below.

Basic Tool Suite of Lead System Network

Basic Tool Suite at $30 per month for a customer and an additional $19.95 to be a product reseller. As a reseller you can make a 100% commission on the $30 sale of the Basic Tool Suite.

* Custom Lead Capture Pages * Capture page Creator * Custom Email Auto Responders * Custom Text Auto Responder * Custom Voice Auto Responder * Custom postal Auto responders * Lead management software * multi-media Lead broadcast * Live Chat * Social media inviters * Webinar Platform * Google Hangouts * Viral Blogging Platform
Again at $30 a month there is a ton of value in the Basic Tool Suite. You can be encouraged to know that this product will stand alone as a great end user product for many who just want to be customers.

Pro Tool Suite of Lead System Network

Pro Tool Suite at $100 per month places you into the Forced Matrix if you also a Reseller ($19.95). At the Pro Tool Suite package you make $50 for every person you refer who also purchased the Pro Tool Suite. The additional $50 out of the $100 that is paid goes into the Matrix compensation.

* The Pro Tool Suite included a Mobile App Creator, Bulk Mailer, and being added to the Forced Matrix

Lead System Network 3×9 FORCED MATRIX
Powerful 3×9 forced matrix plan with dynamic compression has an earning potential of $30,495 monthly (Plus, massive infinity
override commissions). The 3×9 matrix is designed for building team momentum by creating excitement and rapid growth for those who join below you. The first level of your matrix is 3 members wide and fills top to bottom, left to right. This places all additional new members in the first available open position in your matrix.

Below is a Video on Youtube about the Lead System Network Products and and below that you will see a link to part 1 of my 3 part review of LSN.

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