Total TakeOver Downline Builder and How to Join

Total Takeover business opportunity is in pre-launch mode in January 2015.

Today we are going to look at what Total Takeover is all about and exactly how you can join today. Downline Successful team build is looking for professional network marketers who desire residual income, and would like to do it with a community. Total Take Over is our first flagship company and we are really excited about this partnership. Lets take a peek at the Total Takeover products, Compensation, and company webinar video on YouTube.

“Marketing is the art and science of empowering, communicating, and developing a relationship with another human being based on their terms not mine or yours. You give the people what they want” – Val Smyth

The Products

A marketing system to help bring a lifestyle income and the tools that will bring you leads. There will be unique customizable capture pages with the Total Takeover products. These unique lead capture pages allow members to have a personal autoresponder joined up or allow the TTO (Total Take Over) to follow up with your prospects. Members will have the option to use the Total Takeover marketing system as a feeder to promote another business or value TTO as primary business opportunity. It is really up you how you want to work it and use this very powerful lead generation system that all online businesses desire.

Here at Downline Successful we do believe in multiple streams of income, so Total Take Over will be a well oiled and maintained machine that brings in professional network marketers. We will work together as a community to build solid residual income opportunities. The first product at Total Takeover is a perfect tool to join, get leads, and get started making money online. Part 2 of the marketing system product is a contact management system to keep track of your leads. Part 3 is a key component to track the statistics of your advertising and it effectiveness.

Training University is part 4 of the Total Takeover product suite, and are essential tools provided us professional network marketers. There will be full video courses covering marketing and lead generation. As a member you will learn powerful free and paid ways to advertise to generate your leads.
Some Of The Topics That Are Covered In Total Takeover Video Libraries Will Be:

* Blogging
* YouTube Marketing
* Facebook Marketing
* Classified Ad Marketing
* PPC Advertising
* Solo Ad Training

In my opinion part 6 of the product suite is the jewel in the kings crown, and way under priced for our $89 membership at Total Takeover. Megastars of Marketing is a powerful audio magazine featuring some of the top MLM legends and Industry Leaders that share their untold Trade Secrets! Your Total Takeover business will have several recorded interviews ready to listen too, as well as live monthly interviews with top industry leaders. Many of these leaders would charge thousand for a coaching session and you get it include with Total Takeover products.

The Compensation Plan (watch the video presentation at 20:40 in the video below)

A two part simple to understand pay plan makes Total TakeOver a winner for us here at Downline Successful (Professional Network Marketers Community).
Pay Plan Number One:
Residual income of $45 per month from all members on your payline.
Residual income of $25 per month from all pass-ups from your payline.
Residual income part 3 is you will also get paid $20 per month from each of the 2 personally referred members that you passed-up to your sponsor!
** YOU Must Have 2 Active Pass-Ups at All Times.

Part 2 of Compensation Plan

Get Paid An Amazing $1 Per Every Person In Your Matrix Each Month, Whether You Personally Sponsor Anyone Or Not!

2×10 Forced Matrix

Total TakeOver Compensation

Total TakeOver Compensation

 How to Join Total Takeover and get the Invitation to be In the Downline Successful community and our future team builds.

1) Click Here to Join Total Takeover Business Opportunity
2) When the Time is Right Upgrade from free member to Paid member (Then You will Enter the Matrix and Take Part in the Compensation Plan)
3) Request Entrance into Downline Successful Professional Network Marketers Community at this Contact Form. (We will also try to send out Invites to All Upgraded Members of Total Take Over)

Update: New company webinar so you can learn and join our Team

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